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A comprehensive payment solution

In the coming months the new terminal will be tested with pilot customers to collect some experience before the final launch.


The test period will start in April and happen in collaboration with the cash register system supplier Ajour.


“Many business customers have long been asking for a terminal that can flexibly handle MobilePay and cards. Soon it will arrive. We think it has huge potential and will be interesting to at least 50,000 Danish companies, especially in the middle segment,” says Mark Wraa-Hansen, head of MobilePay.


The terminals will also be demonstrated at the Foodexpo fair in Herning.


Some of those who have already said yes to the new terminal at this stage are restaurant chain Madklubben and liquorice manufacturer Bülow.


“We are looking forward to testing the new terminal at Madklubben. We find that many of our guests are already using MobilePay on their phones, for example when splitting a bill amongst themselves. Now the waiter can quickly and easily provide the guest the option to pay by card or MobilePay directly at the terminal in the restaurant,” says Steffen Tang Lystbæk, CFO of Madklubben.


Read more about the comprehensive payment solution here: www.meremobil.dk/2016/03/betal-med-kort-og-mobilepay-paa-en-terminal/


A complete solution

With Ajour and e-conomic you can make daily administration much easier. Everything you create in Ajour is rolled over automatically to your accounts in e-conomic – without having to do anything yourself.


  • Take leave of manual bookkeeping once and for all
  • Save both time and money on bookkeeping
  • Use your energy for your business


90.000 have already chosen e-conomic

e-conomic is a complete online accounting program with invoicing and all the features you need to manage your company’s daily finances. If you have a bookkeeper, accountant or other partners who also need access to the account, e-conomic is the perfect venue for cooperation.


Get a 50% discount on e-conomic

Right now you have a unique opportunity to try the combination of Ajour and e-conomic with a special introductory discount of 50% for the first three months.
You are certain to become excited about the solution… but under any circumstance you have 60 days for a full return. In other words, it is risk-free to test it out.

Read more about e-conomic here: www.e-conomic.dk

Billy’s Billing is an accounting system for small businesses. You can save your receipts with your mobile phone, send invoices and pay VAT with one click.

Integration between Ajour and Billy makes it possible for daily sales in the store to no longer be entered manually in Billy, but instead be transferred automatically from Ajour when the cash register is counted.

With the unique, direct account transfer there are no middlemen. This ensures minimal transaction costs for you as a business owner. The integration of Swipp means that via your Ajour Cash Register System you choose the payment method “Swipp”, then the customer’s phone is registered and the payment can be carried out quickly!


Before long Ajour will offer direct integration between MobilePay and Ajour’s cash register system, making it a breeze to receive payment via MobilePay while having 100% control of the account without manual entry.

scaleYou get an automatic transfer of weight to Ajour’s cash register system. This gives you the advantage that customers can be sure they are only paying for the weight of the product they are buying. This solution is specifically designed for specialty shops where accuracy of weight is a must.