”We have developed a simple system that makes it easy for you to run your business so you can focus on your customers”

User-friendly Cash Register System

With Ajour you get a user-friendly cash register system that can handle the sales situations that come up in a clothing store. Discounts, promotions, coupons, vouchers and loyalty are handled quickly and demonstrate professionalism to customers.

Variant control

One of the most important features in a clothing store is to have control over different variations of the same product you have in stock so you can quickly order more from the supplier and avoid lost sales.

Give your customers good service

Avoid daily trips to the store to check if a particular item is in stock in another size. The update makes it possible to check availability directly on the cash register and then you can give your customers much better service.


Customer retention

Loyalty cards give you a great opportunity to attract new clients, build customer loyalty and retain your customers. Ajour Loyalty is a simple marketing and promotional tool that gives you a greater chance that customers will come back again and again.

Popular products

Via the back office you can track which products are selling well and which ones just remain on the shelves

Print labels for your products

Print labels while placing products in stock to save time at the receiving dock and get control of your stock.


The update has a myriad of reports that can help you every day with making the right decisions in relation to storage, sale staffing and much more.

Seller control

Label printing

Time sales


Variant control

Inventory management


Gift cards

Average sales

You can see your average sales for the day and per clerk, so you can use the report to get a complete overview of your sellers and who performs best. Thus you get a lot of important information that you can use in the management of your staff.


You can easily create campaigns that are automatically activated for specific dates and products.

Shopping history

You get a cash register system where you can keep close track of which of your suppliers and products are performing best, so you can maximize your profits and save money. With Ajour you get a built-in report that calculates your purchases and sales per supplier and you get an accurate overview of your profit.

Real time reporting

All your reports are retrieved in real time so you always have an accurate overview of the latest new information.

Stock lookup

You can constantly provide your customers with timely information about what you have in stock for different products

Quick product search

You can search quickly and easily in your product database directly from your cash register system.

Back office

Ajour allows you to collect data in real time that you can access anywhere. This gives you the advantage of always being able to keep up with developments in your business without being physically present. So you do not lose track of things and can respond quickly, even if you are at home with the family or in a meeting abroad.

Sell your products online

Naturally you can integrate your webshop with your Ajour cash register system to avoid duplication and cumbersome routines. Your web orders are placed immediately in Ajour for further processing, to avoid having to spend time entering orders manually or importing complex files.

Get control of the accounts department

You get an integration that meets all your accountant and auditor requirements – and makes your daily bookkeeping a breeze. You get automatic reporting of all your daily cash reports, your purchases and your webshop sales.

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