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Stable and flexible POS and production system – We spent 2 years finding a POS and production system that could handle a chain of over 100 stores, but could be learned in 20 minutes – We found Ajour!

Jørgen Bjerre, Director – Paradis-IS

Selection of costumer stories

Normal – 76 dealers

Ajour has been involved right from the start and has had faith in Normal’s concept of delivering quality goods at low prices. For such a concept to expand at high speed and keep costs down, it requires having an IT solution that simplifies the administrative work. The founder of Normal, Torben Mouritsen, and founder of Ajour, Flemming Thomasen, made this a common goal and the result speaks for itself. After approx. Four months of development, we had a product that could manage the purchases of a retail chain, with relatively few employees handling the task. This was carried out because of Ajour’s intelligent system constantly calculated what the individual store needed to order. In this calculation, account was taken of the turnover rate in the individual store and delivery time from the supplier.

Paradis – 55 dealers

Paradis was for a long time looking for a system that was stable, able to handle loyalty cards, and was easy to learn for all their franchise stores. The choice fell on Ajour because Paradis contacted several existing customers who told that Ajour was the best partner to solve the task. In Ajour’s cash register system, of course, the technical needs was in place, and when entering into the collaboration, Ajour developed an integration with Paradis’s online store, where each store could upload which ice variants they had made. Ajour further developed an integration with e-conomic and a specially developed production system. The unique production system contained recipes, as well as the process of making the ice itself. This made it extremely easy to train new employees in the franchise stores, as all of the information was available directly in the system.

Madklubben – 14 restaurants

Madklubben has been a customer of Ajour for 14 years and has been an important player in the development of Ajour’s optimization of restaurant solutions. Madklubben has always been in development and got a more and more busy day in their restaurants. This means that the requirements for their IT solutions are constantly increasing. The latest project Ajour has been working on has been to make an integration with one of Europe’s best BI solutions, which has helped Madklubben get an even better overview of what’s going on in their restaurants.

Geranium – Denmark’s only 3 star Michelin restaurant

As Denmark’s only Michelin-starred restaurant with 3 stars, Geranium has had unique wishes to the system all the way to make the experience for their guests very special. When you visit Geranium you do not get a regular receipt, but instead you get a receipt printed on an A5 paper. Geranium wants to provide the best possible service and they must do so to maintain their 3 michelin stars.

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