Advanced but

The intelligent POS system


Restaurant, cafe, street-food, bar, disco, canteen and more.


Clothing store, flower shop, delicacy shop, newsstands and more.


Bakery, butcher, fishmonger, nursery, playground and more.


Stadium, hotel, cruise ship, airport, travel company and more.


With Ajour you get an advanced POS system with many functions packed into an intuitive interface that is adapted to the needs of the company.

remote access

Whether sitting in the back room or vacationing in the Bahamas, you will always have direct access to your Ajour system via the cloud without disrupting operations.

Multi location

Do you have multiple locations in the same country or maybe in different countries – No problem. With Ajour Group we collect everything under a group login.


If you look for data insights, Ajour allows dashboards to be displayed in various designs and setups, so that you easily can get up to date on the business.


Financial system, employee system or payment terminal … No problem. We integrate to a wide range of systems and products.

The good customer story starts here

We only have words of praise for Ajour. They are there when it burns and always with a smile in their voice ... Don't miss this company!

Daniel Wellington

Ajour's system is very intuitive and user-friendly to work with. The system works really well during operation and has been easy for our users to get to know. It has been a good start-up phase with the implementation of their technicians. Ajour's people have shown great understanding of customer needs and have responded quickly to requests for support and deliveries. Undoubtedly, there is a great potential in Ajour that we are not yet fully utilizing. We can see that these functionalities will create value for us in the future, which is why we have chosen Ajour as a POS system.

FC Helsingør

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