We are proud of our clients

We take great pride in the fact that our clients are satisfied with our product and our organization. Thats why we are constantly trying to make it easier to use our system and our service!

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The good customer story starts here

I have yet to meet any system that is better than Ajour. I co-own 6 restaurants, and have previously worked with other systems. The last 10 years have been with Ajour. Ajour is easy to work with, give you a good oversight and excellent service is provided by their employees. There are a huge number of features in the system, also far more than we use, which is why I think they do well in many different industries and locations. A clear recommendation from me.

Restaurant Kadeau

We at Vintage Kitchen in Oslo have been using Ajour for some time and are very satisfied. It's a simple system to learn for everyone so we can focus more on the service, than spending the time learning the POS. Most of the POS systems we have used in the past have often had a messy layout when it comes to cash counting and product editing, with Ajour this is easier and faster than any other system. Highly recommend Ajour further!

Vintage Kitchen

We only have words of praise for Ajour. They are there when it burns and always with a smile in their voice ... Don't miss this company!

Daniel Wellington

Stable and flexible POS and production system - We spent 2 years finding a POS and production system that could handle a chain of over 100 stores, but could be taught in 20 minutes.


Ajour's system is very intuitive and user-friendly to work with. The system works really well during operation and has been easy for our users to get to know. It has been a good start-up phase with the implementation of their technicians. Ajour's people have shown great understanding of customer needs and have responded quickly to requests for support and deliveries. Undoubtedly, there is a great potential in Ajour that we are not yet fully utilizing. We can see that these functionalities will create value for us in the future, which is why we have chosen Ajour as a POS system.

FC Helsingør

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