Ajour is your intelligent, user-friendly cash register system (POS) with cash registers that can easily be used with tablet, iPad and PC.

If your shop type is not listed below, do not worry Ajour can easily be adapted to fit your exact needs

Chain operation

Central management

The cash register system is specially developed to meet the challenges you face with groups, in relation to the central control of products and user rights. This gives you flexibility for local accounting, setting up employees and staff codes that can be controlled from one place, where all your stores run on the same cash register system.

Franchise management

In collaboration with Paradis-is, the cash register system is adapted to handle challenges you may face when operating a franchise concept, with regard to reporting sales and product purchases. You get a fully functional accounting solution that is also part of one concept, so that each store can of course run its own accounts. With a central system you obtain a good basis for sharing business knowledge within the chain.

Realtime reporting

All your stores that are connected to the consolidated solution automatically upload inventory reports and sales statistics for the group, so you save time by getting all data rectified without having to spend man hours on it afterwards. You also ensure that your data is centrally located, so individual stores do not have to keep secure backups of their data.


Your dashboard gives you all the key figures for all shops and with a click you can see which stores are profitable and which are possibly giving loss. You get a complete overview and can follow your turnover, product sales and earnings at the item level, so you can act quickly and securely every day.