With Ajour’s solution for tourism, companies achieves increased efficiency and automatic process management. This includes features such as; members club, procurement, room sales.


Stadium, hotel, cruise ship, airport, travel company and more.

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Members club

Get loyal customers with a membership system, by offering a fixed discount on all products, selected products or even bonus earning.

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Package products

Put together several products and sell them with a single touch.

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The same product can be set up with several different prices, depending on where the customer is shopping.

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Tex calculation

Tax calculation based on your inputs. Get one single report on this.

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Create your different events and send them invoices directly upon completion.

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Import of products

The import module makes it easy for you to load your supplier's product.

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Whether you have multiple warehouses under the same roof, or completely different addresses, we have the solution.

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Park a sale on a room and let the guest pay the total cost at the end of the stay.

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Everything from POS to card payments will work offline.

Optimize your business with Ajour



Let the system help you with your purchases. By entering the minimum stock and reorder quantity, the system will automatically suggest purchases to avoid empty shelves. In addition, a historical purchase can be made e.g. 'What did we sell for Christmas last year' and the system will automatically generate one purchase per supplier with their item no.



An important element of our turism concept is the possibility of several businesses under the same roof in a single system. In your fanshop, the system will look in a way where you have a completely different setup in bakery or the restaurant.

Fast expedition

Expedition and sales in one and the same window. The optimal solution if you have many fast expeditions you want to handle efficiently without too much pressure in the POS. Enable/disable in 10 seconds from normal expedition to fast expedition.


One all-in-one

Compact and practical – an intelligent and compact cash register system. With Quad core processor and 4GB DDDR3 memory it is designed to run professional software.

Engage all-in-one

Fast and versatile - the perfect mix between stability and performance. With a 7th generation Intel Core processor, it is designed to run professional software.


Transform Apple's iPad into a full POS system with Ajour's point of sale application and related hardware.

Keep track of your data

With Ajour, you get the ability to collect real-time data that you can access anywhere. It gives you the benefit of being able to keep up with the progress of your business at all times without being physically present. Then you do not lose sight and can react quickly, even if you are at home with your family or a meeting abroad.

Sell more!

Get more loyal customers with your own membership club and benefits program. Whether a fixed discount is offered on all products, selected products or even a bonus per transaction we have the solution. Membership Club is a part of Ajour and does not require the purchase of alternative programs. The solution also works across several locations.

Optimize waste and stock filling

With Ajour’s calculation and statistics tools, Ajour will be able to advise on storage and waste optimization, so that procurement and production run as optimally as possible.

Based on historical sales data, Ajour will make suggestions for optimal re-ordering or production volume, thus avoiding unnecessary waste and stock filling.

Giving one’s best for the environment is of course a cause in itself, but being able to do it while optimizing one’s business is a gift.

Multi location

With Ajour’s multi location solution you get a unified solution where you can manage all your business through a single portal.


It does administrative tasks like; product creation, gift cards, menu changes, price adjustments, discounts and much more can be handled intelligently and centrally in an overall solution for your locations.

Selected integrations


Together with Plecto, we have made it possible to track your sales in real-time with great visual dashboards that show the most important KPIs for your business.


Together with E-conomic, we have automated processes between POS and financial system, so you can sit back while your bookkeeping runs by itself.


Together with Planday, we have made it possible to follow your salary percentage per month or per day so that critical decisions like staffing can easily be made.

Do you want to build your own solution?


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Free support

We are proud to offer free day-to-day support, which can range from support for daily POS routines to guidance on how to make a blue button.

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When it is evening, weekend or public holiday, challenges can arise. With Ajour's hotline service consisting of a emergency phone, help can always be found if needed.

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Service agreements

If you want to make sure you never get into a situation where you are without functioning equipment, then Ajour's service agreement is right for you. Service agreements vary and are agreed as needed.

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Ajour uses only the best suppliers on equipment, where the standard warranty period varies from 1 year to 3 years. The warranty period can always be extended to e.g. 5 years if you wish.

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If you need us, just contact us by phone, e-mail or chat. Through telephone and chat, you get in contact with some Ajour people right away, where we have a goal to return the following weekday on all e-mails.

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The most important thing about a new POS is that you get well offshore. That is why a custom setup is always included for the customer with general user training and other necessary support.

Some of our clients

There is so many benefits that I can't name them all

Anders Juhl - Museum coordinator, Karen Blixen Museet

Karen Blixen Museet

With the help of Ajour we have obtained a fantastic overview of our ongoing sales and in a few months have been able to adjust to a better range and increased sales. The statistics from Ajour are touchingly easy to extract and process, so employees and management can easily see what works. There are so many benefits that I can't name them all, but we get dimensioned our purchases of goods correctly, we have different guest types controlled and cash handling is significantly simplified.

The POS system is very user-friendly, simple and easy to understand!

Sebastian Bøje - Owner, Hotel Den Gyldne Hane

Hotel Den Gyldne Hane

Ajour has patiently answered questions and made changes so that the setup was adapted to our company. Via the POS system you can send invoices directly by mail. As Ajour is linked to E-conomic, it makes it easy and quick to keep track of the financials. From day one, Ajour has been exceptionally helpful with everything from setting up the system to ongoing questions had about the program. Throughout the whole process, we have felt safe. It is not a question of whether something can be done, but how the best solution is devised.

A really good POS system and super service!

Nicholas Brace Olsen - Manager, FC Helsingør

FC helsingør

We at FC Helsingør are incredibly happy with Ajour. Ajour's system is very intuitive and user-friendly to work with. The system works really well during operation and has been easy for our users to get to know. It has been a good start-up phase with the implementation of their technicians. Ajour's people have shown great understanding of customer needs and have responded quickly to requests for support and deliveries. Undoubtedly, there is a great potential in Ajour that we are not yet fully utilizing. We can see that these functionalities will create value for us in the future, which is why we have chosen Ajour as a POS system. The times we needed help with something or reviewing POS features, Ajour's support team provided good and quick help. They are good at explaining things in a way that everyone can understand. All in all, it is a really good solution and we can recommend the system to companies who want an intuitive, efficient and robust POS system.

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