Split the bill

No more calculators. Ajour makes it easy to split the bill among your guests. Naturally you can also divide all bottles.

Take down orders on an iPad mini 

Give your customers even better service by taking down orders on your iPad. Drink orders are sent directly to the bar where they can be prepared, while food orders are simultaneously sent directly to the kitchen where the cook can see how many guests are seated at the table, what language they speak and most importantly what they want to eat.

Gift cards

Ajour lets you have complete control of your gift cards, loyalty cards and vouchers. This is all handled digitally, so you escape the need to manually keep track of your customers’ balance with you.

Menu overview

Wherever you are, you can always log onto Ajour and organise the menu and button locations. Everything is done in real time, meaning that once you’ve made a change it can be seen on the cash register system in the restaurant.

Inventory management

With Ajour you can regain track of your inventory, e.g. the system automatically pulls a bottle of wine from the stock when you have sold the number of glasses the bottle contains.

Send invoices

You can send an invoice directly to one company by mail, when you hold multiple companies, giving corporate customers the best possible experience.

Payment in currency

You get a cash register system (POS), which can take up to 4 different currencies and up to 7 different methods of payment – in the same transaction. This gives you great flexibility to provide the best service to international customers, giving them an easy and pleasant buying experience with you.

Kitchen percentage

Calculate your kitchen percentage on a daily basis from readily available statistics, so you get a complete overview of waste and kitchen coverage.

Multiprint function

Use up to 7 different kitchen printouts and give your kitchen accurate information, so you save time and expense with the best possible communication among staff.

Revenue per guest

You can measure revenue by the number of guests who have been to the restaurant and see the average sales per transaction.

Customise your menu

Save time when you change out the menu. You can easily log into Ajour’s cash register system and make changes – either directly on the cash register POS system or via the back office.

Keep the kitchen informed

If a mistake occurs during entry of the order that you first discover after it is sent to the kitchen, do not worry. In Ajour, you can quickly correct the order and the kitchen is informed within seconds.

Back office

Ajour allows you to collect data in real time that you can access anywhere. This gives you the advantage of always being able to keep up with developments in your business without being physically present. So you do not lose track of things and can respond quickly, even if you are at home with the family or in a meeting abroad.

Grow your business with online ordering

Naturally you can integrate your webshop with your Ajour cash register system to avoid duplication and cumbersome routines. Your web orders are placed immediately in Ajour for further processing, to avoid having to spend time entering orders manually or importing complex files.

Get control of the accounts department

You get an integration that meets all your accountant and auditor requirements – and makes your daily bookkeeping a breeze. You get automatic entry of all your daily cash reports, your purchases and your webshop sales.

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