Ajour helps you to run a restaurant

“We have developed a simple system that makes it easy for you to run your business so you can focus on your customers”

Simple and effective POS system

Think of us as a partner, not as a supplier. At Ajour we believe that it is our responsibility to do everything we can when it comes to customer service. We are determined to do everything possible to make our customers’ experiences with Ajour a great experience


You can send invoiceS directly to the business or person per. mail, so you give customers the best possible service.


You get a POS system, which can receive up to 4 different currencies and up to 7 different means of payment – in the same expedition. It gives you great flexibility to provide the best service to international customers, so they get an easy and enjoyable shopping experience with you.


Calculate your kitchen percentage on a daily basis based on easily accessible statistics, so you get a complete overview of shrinkage and kitchen coverage.


Use up to 7 different kitchen prints and give your kitchen precise information, saving you time and expense with the best possible communication among your staff.


You can measure the turnover on the number of guests who have been in the restaurant and see the average sale per expedition.


You can easily and quickly customize the cash register system to meet your every need.

Optimize your kitchen
with kitchen monitors

Ajour delivers the next generation of kitchen monitors that will optimize every kitchen in productivity and overview. By means of a kitchen screen, for example, automatic routines can be set up when different dishes are to be displayed on the screens based on preparation time.

Table orders
with iPad Mini

Your POS system should be easy to use as well as have an intuitive interface to quickly process orders. With Ajour you can efficiently send orders from the table via iPad application, so various orders can be started right away and errors are reduced.

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Keep your back office in order

With Ajour you get the opportunity to collect data in real time, which you can access anywhere. It gives you such an advantage that you can constantly monitor the progress of your business without being physically present. In this way you will not lose track and can respond quickly even if you are at home or at a meeting abroad.

POS for restaurants


Customize your POS system. Our on-boarding team works with you to customize your table layout, menu layout, kitchen prints and everything else to your exact needs.


The order and payment process is simple, fast and easy to navigate so you can be sure that new employees will get into the system faster, just as if there was a new App on your phone.


With tablet orders, your employees can take orders, print receipts and accept payments without leaving the table.


You don't have to sigh, when a big company enters your restaurant. With Ajour, your employees can split the bill into equal parts or each item can be moved to individual bills.


Even if you are not in the Restaurant, you can monitor sales reports, stock reports and menu reports in real time on your laptop, tablet or phone.


Measure how productive your employees are and see who makes the difference for your bottom line.

Integration to your favorite apps

At Ajour we work continuously to create integrations that helps your business

Do you want to build your own solution?

Your cash register system should be easy to set up and easy to use. You will get a POS system with an intuitive user interface that does tasks such as processing orders and customizing menus very easy. Training of employees and managers should take minutes, not hours.

Online take-away

Ajour’s online take-away gives your business the opportunity for your customers to order take-away directly from your website. The order will then automatically be registered in Ajour.

Selection of clients

This is what our customers say

Trustpilot rating: Excellent 9.2

We have now had Ajour for more than 10 years. They have really evolved positively over the years. Today, they are one of the best suppliers on POS systems. I would like to emphasize the good service they have with their 7 day hotline service. This means that one who knows, that one can always get help no matter when things go down. Especially it is positive for us, which is open every day every week.

Jette Schultz

Restaurant Martino

In November 2016, we decided to replace our former cash register system, which had caused problems for a long time, with Ajour.
We were very excited about how the transition would be and what problems would be for our employees. But the word problem we have completely forgotten! Installation, programming and training have taken place without any problems.

Ole og Sylvain

Le Petit Vinbar

I have not yet met any systems that are better than Ajour. I am co-owner of 6 restaurants and have previously worked with other systems. The last 10 years have been with Ajour. Ajour is easy to work with, manageable and an excellent service provided by their staff. There are a huge number of functions in the system, even far more than we use today, and for this very reason, I think they do well in many different industries and places. A clear recommendation from here.

Magnus Kofoed

Restaurant Kadeau

Inventory management

With Ajour you can reproduce the inventory of your stock, since the system automatically draws a bottle of wine from the stockwhen you have sold the number of glasses that the bottle contains.

Stock control on whole bottles
Stock control on the number of glasses
Storage control on units


Ajour makes it possible for you to fully control your gift cards, loyalty cards and credit cards. It’s all handled digitally so you don’t have to manually keep track of how much your customers benefit from you.

Realtime Balance Update
Automatic registration
Outline of outstanding gift cards

Gain control of the finance

You get an integration that meets all of your accountants’ and auditor’s requirements – and makes your daily settlements easy. You will automatically be posted on all your daily cash reports, online store sales and product purchases.

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