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Does not require Internet

Reliable operation

Multiple barcodes

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Inventory management

If you make your living by selling products, inventory management is an important part of your business success. With inventory management you can optimise your business and improve your earnings

Print labels for your products

Print labels while placing products in stock to save time at the receiving dock and get control of your stock.


Let Ajour keep track of all your discounts so customers always receive the product at the correct price, e.g. if you have an offer for three pieces of fruit, the system automatically calculates the discount.

Deposit handling

If you sell products that have an associated deposit, Ajour automatically separates the deposit from the real retail price of the item. This means that your gross margin is calculated correctly and sales are recorded correctly.

Customer retention

Loyalty cards give you a great opportunity to attract new clients, build customer loyalty and retain your customers. Ajour Loyalty is a simple marketing and promotional tool that gives you a greater chance that customers will come back again and again.

Label printing

Reliable operation

Support every day


Inventory management

Multiple-piece discounts

Deposit handling

Minimum stock


With Ajour’s cash register system you get integration with a variety of partners that are easy and painless to set up.

Gift cards

When you sell a gift card it is also possible to use it in the webshop, after which the balance is automatically updated in the system without having to spend time on it manually.

Export of data

It is possible for you to pull virtually all reports into Excel for further processing.

Track your success

You can follow your products carefully and easily find out where you earn your money. Thus you have the opportunity to make precise adjustments, so you earn more money.

Works offline

You get a secure cash register system that also works even when the internet goes down.

Customer club

In your customer club you can easily give your customers the opportunity to obtain bonuses and discounts in both your store and your shop, without having to spend time on manual duplication.

IIntelligent back office

Ajour allows you to collect data in real time that you can access anywhere. This gives you the advantage of always being able to keep up with developments in your business without being physically present. So you do not lose track of things and can respond quickly, even if you are at home with the family or in a meeting abroad.



Sell your products online

Naturally you can integrate your webshop with your Ajour cash register system to avoid duplication and cumbersome routines. Your web orders are placed immediately in Ajour for further processing, to avoid having to spend time entering orders manually or importing complex files.

Få styr på bogholderiet

You get an integration that meets all your accountant and auditor requirements – and makes your daily bookkeeping a breeze. You get automatic entry of all your daily cash reports, your purchases and your webshop sales.


The update has a myriad of reports that can help you every day with making the right decisions in relation to storage, sale staffing and much more.

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