Ajour helps you to run a retail store

“We have developed a simple system that makes it easy for you to run your business so you can focus on your customers”

Simple and effective POS system

Think of us as a partner, not as a supplier. At Ajour we believe that it is our responsibility to do everything we can when it comes to customer service. We are determined to do everything possible to make our customers’ experiences with Ajour a great experience


With Ajour’s cash POS system, you get integrations with a number of partners, which can be set up easily and without pain.


Ajour automatically handles your gift cards electronically. Which means the end to paper gift cards and a black book with all gift card numbers and balances.


It is possible for you to extract virtually all reports in Excel for further processing.


All your reports are downloaded in real time, so you always have a precise overview of all the latest numbers.


You get a secure POS system that also works even if the internet should go down.


In your customer club, you can easily give your customers the opportunity to earn bonuses and discounts in your store, without spending time on manual management work.

User friendly
POS system

With Ajour you get a user-friendly cash register system that can handle all sale situations you come across in a store. Discounts, promotions, gift cards, vouchers and loyalty are swiftly dealt with and appear professional to customers.





Optimize your business!


Ajour tells you which products are the big earners, and which things are to be replaced.


Never miss a sale because your are out of stock. Ajour keeps you up to date and notifies you when your inventory is too low.


Always be aware of your own business in real time from anywhere, with Ajour back office access or directly on your phone.


With Ajour you can easily accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express etc. with the integrated payment terminal from Nets.


Access detailed reports, including sales activity, inventory, order history, and more.

Inventory management

Keep track of your inventory in real time, so you know what to order and when.

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Online webshop

You can, of course, integrate your online store with Ajour, so you avoid duplication and slow work routines. Your online orders are placed simultaneously in Ajour for further processing, so you avoid spending time typing the orders manually or importing complicated files.

Give your customers good service

Avoid the daily backroom trips to check if a specific item is in stock. Ajour makes it possible to check stock status directly on the POS and you can thus speed up delivery and give your customers much better service

Keep your back office in order

With Ajour you get the opportunity to collect data in real time, which you can access anywhere. It gives you such an advantage that you can constantly monitor the progress of your business without being physically present. In this way you will not lose track and can respond quickly even if you are at home or at a meeting abroad.

Selection of clients

Production, weight integration, gift cards etc.


You will automatically transfer the weight to Ajour's cash register system. It gives you the benefit of customers being assured that they only pay for the exact weight of the product they are buying. The solution is specially developed for specialty shops, where weight accuracy is a must.


Start your own customer club to establish customer loyalty and offer rewards that can give you a higher bottom line.

Save time

Save time with reports explaining your business growth and explaining your financial situation with direct integration into your finance system.


Plan your employees' working hours intelligently so you're prepared for the busy hours of the week.


Fact-based decisions will consistently increase your business and your profitability.


See percent based on history of your categories so you can get a complete overview of which product groups sell best.

Do you want to build your own solution?

Your cash register system should be easy to set up and easy to use. You will get a POS system with an intuitive user interface that does tasks such as processing orders and customizing menus very easy. Training of employees and managers should take minutes, not hours.

Integration to your favorite apps

At Ajour we work continuously to create integrations that helps your business

This is what our customers say

Trustpilot rating: Excellent 9.2

Ajour has some very dedicated staff who are really vaccinated with a service needle

Ajour can really be recommended, they are available almost all the time and are always prepared.

Brian Saatterup

Highly recommended!
When you start using a new program, challenges always arise. These are fast and competitively solved by Ajour along the way. We are experiencing a support that is quick to familiarize with our system and help us, whether it’s an item to be created, a transfer to finance system that will stop or a box that just won’t go away. We have often been called just to hear how it goes and feel we have been held in hand, all the way until our system worked perfectly!

Helle Tønder

All the people I have talked to in the opening phase of the Ajour cash register system at my workplace have been super helpful and have made an extra effort to make sure we got up and running quickly. I have had many (and long) phone calls with several of their support staff as well as written to them several times. Always they are equally service-minded and solution-oriented, no matter what the problem is (or how stupid my questions may be).
We have received super support all the way through and they are highly recommended.

Halldor Jensson

Gain control of the finance

You get an integration that meets all of your accountants’ and auditor’s requirements – and makes your daily settlements easy. You will automatically be posted on all your daily cash reports, online store sales and product purchases.

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