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Automatic bookkeeping

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Production system

If you run a business where you produce the product sold in the store each day, then Ajour’s production system helps you get a handle on recipes and ingredients so you do not produce them incorrectly, or make too much.

Customisation is easy

You can easily and quickly adapt the cash register to meet your needs.


You get a simple and clear production system that helps you keep track of recipes and quantity.


You get a clear, easy and intuitive cash register system, which you can learn in just 20 minutes.

Franchise management

You can easily manage your franchise concept with an unlimited number of shops.

Cash counting

Ajour’s automatic cash counting tracks cash discrepancies and turnover and gives you maximum overview of your earnings

Seller control

You can measure your employees' efforts and see who is your best seller. Now you can easily manage and motivate your employees, when you get an accurate overview of their daily work.

Weight payment

You get an automatic transfer of weight to Ajour’s cash register system. This gives you the advantage that customers can be certain they are only paying for the weight of the product they are buying. This solution is specifically designed for specialty shops where accuracy of weight is a must.

Back office

Ajour allows you to collect data in real time that you can access anywhere. This gives you the advantage of always being able to keep up with developments in your business without being physically present. So you do not lose track of things and can respond quickly, even if you are at home with the family or in a meeting abroad.

Gift cards

Ajour automatically handles your gift cards electronically. In other words, say goodbye to paper gift certificates and a black book with all the gift card numbers and balances.

The gift card solution handles it all automatically and will also ensure that sales of gift cards will be posted correctly.


Naturally you can integrate your webshop with your Ajour cash register system to avoid duplication and cumbersome routines. Your web orders are placed immediately in Ajour for further processing, to avoid having to spend time entering orders manually or importing complex files.


You get an integration that meets all your accountant and auditor requirements – and makes your daily bookkeeping a breeze. You get automatic entry of all your daily cash reports, your purchases and your webshop sales.

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