Ajour helps you to run a specialty store

“We have developed a simple system that makes it easy for you to run your business so you can focus on your customers”

Simple and effective POS system

Think of us as a partner, not as a supplier. At Ajour we believe that it is our responsibility to do everything we can when it comes to customer service. We are determined to do everything possible to make our customers’ experiences with Ajour a great experience


You can easily and quickly customize the cash register system to meet your every need.


You get a simple and easy to use production system that helps you keep track of recipes and quantity.


You get a manageable, lightweight and intuitive cash register system that you can learn in just 20 minutes.


All your reports are downloaded in real time, so you always have a precise overview of all the latest numbers.


Ajour’s automated cash register tracks cash differences and revenue and gives you a optimal overview of your earnings. Everything will of course be transferred in real time to an integrated financial system.


You can measure your employees’ efforts and see who is your best seller. Which gives you an opportunity to easily guide and motivate your employees when you get an accurate overview of their daily work.

User friendly
POS system

With Ajour you get a user-friendly cash register system that can handle all sale situations you come across in a store. Discounts, promotions, gift cards, vouchers and loyalty are swiftly dealt with and appear professional to customers.





Production, weight integration, gift cards etc.


If you run a business where you produce products that are sold in the store, then Ajour's production system can help you keep track of recipes and ingredients so that it doesn't produce errors or too much.


You will automatically transfer the weight to Ajour's cash register system. It gives you the benefit of customers being assured that they only pay for the exact weight of the product they are buying. The solution is specially developed for specialty shops, where weight accuracy is a must.


Ajour automatically handles your gift cards electronically, which means the end to paper gift cards and a black book with all gift card numbers and balances. The gift card solution handles everything automatically and also ensures that the sale of a gift card is recorded correctly.


Even if you are not in the store, you can monitor sales reports, stock reports and menu reports in real time on your laptop, tablet or phone.


Save time when you change your product range, you do this by logging into Ajour and editing - either directly on the POS or via back-office from home.


You can easily send invoices directly to the clients per. mail, for example, when you have a company or get a big order, so that you give company customers the best possible experience.

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Online take-away

Ajour’s online take-away gives your business the opportunity for your customers to order take-away directly from your website. The order will then automatically be registered in Ajour.

Give your customers good service

Avoid the daily backroom trips to check if a specific item is in stock. Ajour makes it possible to check stock status directly on the POS and you can thus speed up delivery and give your customers much better service

Keep your back office in order

With Ajour you get the opportunity to collect data in real time, which you can access anywhere. It gives you such an advantage that you can constantly monitor the progress of your business without being physically present. In this way you will not lose track and can respond quickly even if you are at home or at a meeting abroad.

Selection of clients

Sell more!


Ajour's customer database allows you to keep track of customers' names, email addresses and phone numbers. People want to come where they are known - especially by the staff.


Ajour offers gift and loyalty programs, which increase the chance that your customers will return.


Do you have a unique menu? Ajour can be customized for your goods, no matter how specialized it is.


Check the bestsellers, sales per group (such as cold drinks) and goods consumption.


Ajour can determine everything from where the employees should have access to, or what information is printed on the receipts to the customers.


Plan your employees' working hours intelligently so you're prepared for the busy hours of the week.

Do you want to build your own solution?

Your cash register system should be easy to set up and easy to use. You will get a POS system with an intuitive user interface that does tasks such as processing orders and customizing menus very easy. Training of employees and managers should take minutes, not hours.

Integration to your favorite apps

At Ajour we work continuously to create integrations that helps your business

This is what our customers say

Trustpilot rating: Excellent 9.2

I have used Ajour since October 2007 and must therefore be characterized as an experienced user of the system. After nine years I still recommend Ajour at any time. Easy and user-friendly interface, fast and efficient management of back office settings and easy access to support.

Simon Leo

We used Ajour when we were to have a new cash register system in our little ice cream shop.
We have 2 outlets and on both we got hooked up completely without pain.
The service and friendliness of the company was top notch.
Several times they wrote me and asked if there were problems – you get a good feeling that even though you are a small customer, they do a lot to make you happy.
If there are breakdowns or problems, this is always solved in a quick manner without our involvement. We have therefore been very pleased with the company and will certainly use them again on the next occasion.

Claus Sørensen

We switched to Ajour, as our former supplier could not deliver a stable system.
Ajour has delivered a user-friendly and reliable system, adapted to our needs.
We have many part-time employees and many young people under the age of 18 employed and rely on a system that is easy to use and does not reduce. Another important point for us is the speed of the cash register system. As we are a seasonal business with large fluctuations in the number of transactions, it is important that the system also works when it is going really fast.
It has Ajour to the fullest delivered, we are very satisfied.

Lars Bertelsen, Paradis-is

Gain control of the finance

You get an integration that meets all of your accountants’ and auditor’s requirements – and makes your daily settlements easy. You will automatically be posted on all your daily cash reports, online store sales and product purchases.

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